CHILARAI KRISHI BIKASH SAMITY  


          a) Overall Agricultural Development. 

          b) Rural Development. 

          c) Awareness  Creating.

          d) Counselling of Self-employment    opportunity. 

          e) Watershed  Development. 

          f) Development of Cottage Industries. 

          g) Formation & Development of Self-Help-Groups (SHGs).

          h) Socio-economic Development. 

           i) Popularize Mushroom cultivation.

           j) Training

           k) Marketing of  products produced by rural artisans. 


a. Overall development in the field of Agriculture, Horticulture and allied fields. 

b. To study the soil hazards created by industrial by products and Agril. Chemicals etc. 

c. Land development and watershed management: Waste land reclamation by bamboo plantation. 

d. Demonstration of field crops, plantation and cash crops ,oil seed crops etc.

e. Collection and preservation of medicinal crops/plants: This objective will be fulfilled with the help of Social forestry and forest department and other govt. and non-govt. organizations. After preservation a leaflet will be published with its short description along with its usefulness to mankind. 

f. Soil Testing; Establishment of a Laboratory for analysis of N-P-K texture, Ph and to recommend the various doses of fertilizer for different crops  after soil analysis.

g. Afforestation: (a) Nursery raising through school students related to work-experience (b) Road side plantation. 

h. Adult Education: Maximum thrust will be given in the village level for adult education. 

i. Organizing Exhibition, Meetings, Demonstration, Seminar, Work Shop, Awareness Camps, Field visits etc. to create an awareness in these areas i.e. old Goalpara district for overall  agricultural development and providing self-employment avenues to the rural people living below poverty line and unemployed youths & women. 

j. Providing consultancy on various subjects including education, self-employment, entrepreneurship development, marketing linkages of the products produced by the rural people, providing facilities of SHG-Bank linkage etc. 

k. To aware rural people to form Self Help Groups for the self-employment and to develop socio-economic scenario of villages. 

l. To aware people about the danger of  AIDS/TB/Hepatitis-B and other diseases.  

m. To take different activities for the benefit of women, child and people living in the char areas. 

n. To participate in different developmental works with collaboration of other govt. and Non governmental Organizations.

o. To publish one annual news letter from this Society to inform people about the objectives of this Society. 

p. To collect different data of old Goalpara district related to these objectives of this Society and depending upon these information’s various developmental activities will be taken. 

q. This Society always ready to fulfill all developmental activities related to Social-Economic-Environment- Educational-Agricultural etc. not mentioned here. 


A) School Children (B) School Teacher (C) Farmers (D) Unemployed Youth (E) Gram Sewak (DRDA/AGRIL.Deptt.)  (F) Tribal, Char and Riverine people (G) Illiterate people (H) Industry (I) Peoples living below poverty line (BPL) 


Group meeting in Villages, Leaflet, Postering, Booklet, News Paper, Audio-Visual Aids, Photographs, Demonstration etc. 


i) Agricultural and Environmental Education. 

ii) Population Education. 

iii) Entrepreneurship and self-employment awareness etc. 


1.Total Sanitation  Campaign under P.H.E. Deptt.

2.Established Production Centre under Total Sanitation Campaign under Devitola Dev. Block for production of squatting Plate and Pan Trap etc. for installation of IHHL

3.Women Empowerment through SHGs .Already formed more than 300 nos. of women SHGs and most of the SHGs are engaged in various self-employment activities like jute craft, Poultry and duck farming, rice business.

4. Training Conduct various training programmes for the SHG members on SHG management, various economic activities, Cutting & Tailoring etc. 

5. Skill Development Centre Established one such Centre for imparting training in various trades to the SHG members and unemployed youths for their self-employment

6.Monthly Newsletter SWANIYOJAN :Publishing one Monthly Newsletter from October,2007 with an aim & objective to provide information of various self-employment avenues to the unemployed , farmers,SHGs and others.