To continue the works under Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) ,this Society established one Sanitation Mart near NH-31 at Alomganj area and sanitation items like low cost pan trap,concrete plate,bamboo tarza bera,Y-Junction etc are made in this place for supply to the beneficiaries house and demonstration purpose also.This Centre covers Uttar Geramari and Alomganj Gaon Panchats under Debitola Development Block.

Construction of Low Cost Latrines

This Society has started to aware the rural people of this district to maintain scientific sanitation for a healthy life from 2007 under the guidance of Office of the Member Secretary,Village Water and Sanitation Committee cum Asstt. Executive Engineer,PHE,Dhubri Sub-Division.CKBS has already started campaign in Rupshi,Moterjhar,Kumarganj,Uttar Geramari,Alomganj Gaon Panchayats  and now the scenario of villages of the particular areas are improving .water contamination diseases are decreasing due to installation of low cost individual household latrines.Already more than 1600 Individual Household Latrines (IHHL) have been installed in these places.


Training programmes are organized in TSC Project areas for the masons and labours for construction of Low cost Individual Household Latrines. Total 16 nos. of masons and 105 nos. of labours are trained up by our master trainer Insur Ali in work fields.Total 49 nos of demonstration cum training is done in villages.Besides this other regular trainings of mushroom Cultivation, SHG management, duck and poultry farming etc are also done.

Mushroom cultivation

 This Society has taken initiative in awareness creating in mushroom consuming habits among the people. Since mushroom is best food for the vegetarian people and high source of natural elements including protein, minerals etc, so main target is vegetarian people. We have promote some youths in  Dhubri district and they have started cultivation of oyster mushroom and produced fresh mushroom regularly and this Society has help them to sale the fresh as well dried mushroom locally.


In recent times we have seen that the use of plastic carry bags is increasing day by day in every households,shops,markets and everywhere,which creates a severe pollution in  our environment and soil.India’s population is more than 102 crores and if 10 members are living in one house there will be more than 10 crore houses in India. If we imagine that at an average 2 plastic carry bags are used  by each family every day, which means 20 crore plastic carry bags are used daily. That means yearly 7300,00,000 plastic carry bags are used in India. But these plastic carry bags does not remain in our houses permanently and we throw out these bags to dustbins and roadsides. These 7300 crore plastic carry bags multiplies every year in the Earth without degrading and causing a serious threat to human habitation.

Next to God, the human who is controlling the whole world, will degrade to Earth on his death, but the plastic carry bag never degrade to earth When the earth cannot digest the plastic carry bags,it has to hold plastic carry bags for 100 years ,then what will be the position of the earth? How far it can hold the enemy and it is sure that one day earth will be spoiled by the plastic carry bags and it will be impossible to live in this earth for the human the same itme it will be miserable for the human being to get the raw materials for our every day use from the earth.hence,it is the duty of every human to SAVE OUR EARTH ,otherwise our future generation will be punished and for the same we will be responsible.

So,it is necessary to take  some serious steps to stop use of Plastic carry bags in shops,households and in all works to save our earth and environment. Paper and Jute Carry bags may be used as a substitute of polythene carry bags and considering these points in mind Chilarai Krishi Bikash Samity  urged the district Administration to impose ban on use of Polythene Carry Bags and paper carry bags may be introduced for the sake of our environment.

Awareness Generation

Like the last two years, in this year awareness in done on Sanitation and water,Agriculture,Family planning and Reproductive health,maternal and child health etc and  distribution of leaflets,display of Banners, Awareness Group meeting with concerned Gaon Panchayat Authorities,publicity through miking using songs prepared by PHE,Dhubri Division Office. in various places of the Project areas like Rupshi,Moterjhar,Uttar Geramari,Alomganj,Modhusoulmari,Gaspara GPs.


As per report of Medical Council of India, one adult person should consume half egg  and minimum 15 gm of meat in a day, but at present the people of our state consume on an average 30 eggs in a year and 6 gm meat in a day. It means the people of our state consume much lower than the minimum percentage. The main reason is that the requirements of our state cannot meet by local productions and ultimately we are purchasing from outside the state and causing the rate is high and the common people unable to buy these eggs and meat in high rate, so it is necessary to produce these materials in our state locally.

Considering these points in mind Chilarai Krishi Bikash Samity  demand to establish some Poultry Villages in Dhubri district of Assam in a cluster basis involving  women SHGs .They have experience in poultry and duck farming and they will be engaged in poultry and duck farming for production of poultry meat and eggs to fulfill the demand of this district as well as rest of the state. Since the state still imports poultry meat and eggs from outside the state and in make the state loss of crores of rupees and these products can easily be produced locally, so this project can serve better for employment of the rural women and make the district self-sufficient in this products.


It is observed that in India 48 percent population defecates in the open, which is a matter of shame for the country completed 68 years of Independence. So, it is a pick time to raise our voice to stop open defecation in India and long time ago Gandhiji said that sanitation is more important than independence and considering this great sentence in mind Chilarai Krishi Bikash Samity, an NGO established in 1997 has started sanitation campaign in Dhubri district of Assam from 2nd October,2014 to make Dhubri a open defecation free district of Assam.

The Society has started awareness programme among the rural people to aware not to defecate in the open and use sanitary latrines.In 2nd October,2014 this Society has distributed more than 300 tree plants among the people under Uttar Geramari Gaon Panchayat. The President has inaugurated the plants distribution programme in presence of Secretary and other Members of the Panchayat. The General Secretary of the Society has also distributed the plants .Some informative Booklets are also distributed among people for awareness.